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  13. Nikon D-40 or Olympus SP-550UZ
  14. which to buy
  16. Should One Wait For The (possible) New Caneras?
  17. Casio EX-S880 or Sony DSC-W90????
  18. Best Camera/Movie Recorder ?
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  21. Which Ultra-Compact to buy?
  22. Help me decide / looking for in-camera cropping!!
  23. Easy point n'shoot camera
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  26. RAW format
  27. $1000 later...........
  28. Best Camera for Family Shots
  29. Looking at buying a 40D, got a question..
  30. Need advice fast -- digital camera $300
  31. I Need Help!!!
  32. Which is better?
  33. Which Sony is best?
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  35. Any reviews of the Fujifine pic f480
  36. Canon SD850IS vs Fuji F50fd
  37. Help choose a compact camera.
  38. pseudo-SLR? DSLR?
  39. Canon A720 IS
  40. help for selecting a camera...
  41. camcorder advice?
  42. advice needed
  43. Bag for D/SLR and Camcorder?
  44. Pocket-sized camera recommendations
  45. Is the TZ3 right for me?
  46. Amateur Looking for a DSLR
  47. Need camera suggestions for Real Estate and...
  48. How effective are Canon IS lenses?
  49. Indoor ultrazoom hi-IQ lo-MP camera needed
  50. Just Can't Decide..Help Please!
  51. Another "First SLR" Camera
  52. Panasonic tz3, Canon a720/sd850 ???
  53. B&H Photo Problem
  54. Help me choose...Rebel XTi or Olympus sp-560..seems easy but...
  55. Want to upgrade camera
  56. Which path to low-light? High ISO or IS?
  57. WTB: A Camera For The Father-in-Law (Good AWB, Large LCD, Easy to Use)
  58. A camera with a high still fps that shoots video
  59. Sony DSC-H3 vs Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ3
  60. Help me choose a new camera
  61. Please recommend a digital camera for making guitar videos!
  62. Looking for a "retro" DCC camera
  63. Pentax SLR Lenses on D-SLR?
  64. Looking for compact camera - 5x Optical Zoom
  65. need help selecting a new cam with TWAIN support
  66. I need/want a new camera please help
  67. First DSLR: Canon 400D (XTi), Nikon D40x or D80?
  68. Does anyone have a recommendation for an Underwater Camera ?
  69. advice on camera purchase for artwork
  70. Which Camera?
  71. Fuji s5700/700 or Canon A570IS?
  72. I'm Convinced I'll Buy A Canon - Questions:
  73. Olympus SP-560 UZ vs Panasonic FZ50 ?
  74. help on choosing my very first camera
  75. Canon PowerShot SD750 Digital ELPH vs Canon PowerShot SD1000 Digital ELPH
  76. Snow-sports action shots
  77. Need experts help Canon or Sony
  78. I'm kinda stuck on which cannon to get
  79. Digital Camera to take notes in class
  80. Newbie advice on purchase - action, zoom
  81. Manually adjustable camera for a student?
  82. which is better..
  83. Amateur looking for a DSLR...
  84. Which camera is right for me?
  85. Need new digicam, possibly exilim??
  86. Who has e510 OLYMPUS?
  87. E510 or Canon XTi or Pentax K100D..please help
  88. Canon or Nikon - Switching from P&S to DSLR
  89. Help with DSLR
  90. should I upgrade?
  91. Final question before I buy.....Nikon d80 vs Canon 30d
  92. Looking for a camera with manua controls.
  93. Canon S3 IS vs S5 IS
  94. Which Camera to take to Disneyworld
  95. Still haven't decided...
  96. What should i 'upgrade' to?
  97. slkfis questionaire
  98. Hello from OKC ... Konica Autoreflex T2, F1.4 Owner
  99. camera stolen, upgrading to DSLR!
  100. Low noise and a few other things!
  101. Panasonic DMC-LX2EB-K: A mistake?
  102. Ultra-Slim/Compact Camera for Nightclubs
  103. another buying factor for me....
  104. Pentax Shake Reduction System
  105. Audio Quality with point and shoots
  106. Which camera should I buy?
  107. Kodak Z712 vs. Z812
  108. sony A200...a reliable unit? 2 cents from the pro?
  109. Buying a camera just for a project idea... unique situation.
  110. want camera for home use (li-ion battery) [fast]
  111. Which one should I get
  112. Looking for a new camera
  113. Student looking for a quality camera.
  114. Please help - Olympus or Casio?
  115. Grapedog's Great Grind: DSLR by Canon or Nikon?
  116. Which camera?
  117. Wich ultra zoom has the best photo quality? Maybe canon powershot S5 IS?
  118. Need Advice (buying new camera)
  119. Best compact digital camera for around 100-120?
  120. Which camera for inventory pics?
  121. Does Anyone Manufacture...
  122. want compact camera with manual controls
  123. canon 570 or fuji s700?Which camera?
  124. So confused...
  125. Need help choosing my first camera
  126. Should I repair or buy new??
  127. Graphic designer/Illustrator buying his first Digital SLR
  128. Big zoom, small camera
  129. Fuji or Nikon
  130. Which Compact Camera plz?
  131. I need to upgrade
  132. Looking for a new camera, need advice and recommendations.
  133. Bad experiance with P&S, going for DSLR now.
  134. Camera for parents?
  135. pocket camera as gift for new college grad
  136. Canon XTi or the Olympus Evolt 510
  137. FD lenses with new digital body
  138. To wait or not to wait...
  139. Best P&S for movies/video
  140. Is this a good choice? Canon XTi + IS lens
  141. Architecture Student First DSLR
  142. What Digital SLR?
  143. Best for Ice Hockey; Nikon D300 or Canon 40D?
  144. Down to 3 cameras, help me choose which one
  145. Panasonic or Canon?
  146. Need Camera for Cheerleading Compeitions
  147. Digicam with active optical zoom while recording
  148. Fuji F40 battery doubt
  149. Which Slr? Cannon Rebel Xti or Olympus Evolt E-510
  150. Camera for my wife
  151. 720p or great in a compact?
  152. How much better is the FinePix F40fd over the FinePix Z3?
  153. Should I Seriously Consider The Sony A300/350 Over a Canon or Nikon???
  154. As close to Point and Shoot as possible!
  155. New Camera Thread : )
  156. Looking for a good camera to use during concerts
  157. Which internal zoom-lens camera to buy?
  158. any recommendations?
  159. between a650, 720is & sx100
  160. which slr
  161. between a650is and sx-100
  162. Large sensor'd, wideangle compact camera
  163. CANON S5 IS or OLYMPUS SP 560-UZ
  164. Canon EOS 400D vs Sony A100
  165. Pentax K100D Super vs K10D Please help
  166. SLR n00b
  167. Best budget DSLR for shooting weddings and concerts
  168. HELP...final D on Canon 30D
  169. Quick Question About Megapixels on Canon Rebel
  170. Which Camera for product shots?
  171. Need advice on which mid range D-SLR to buy
  172. How soon will XTi's price drop?
  173. Looking for a good ultracompact Camera
  174. **Need help buying 1st EVER digital camera** =)
  175. Wideangle all-rounder
  176. Ricoh R7 or...?
  177. Help with a new camera?
  178. Cheap portable camera?
  179. looking for decent, fast (ultra-) compact
  180. The camera I chose to buy is..
  181. Looking to buy my first digital camera
  182. Need to buy my girlfriend's birthday gift-please help
  183. Found camera I want. Price likely to drop soon?
  184. Looking for new camera
  185. Thoughts between Canon ps S5 IS and Panasonic FZ18
  186. Looking for the smallest, compact DLSR
  187. $100-$150 best slim digital camera?
  188. Casio EX-V8 compared to Canon S60
  189. what is the best camera?
  190. Is there a Wide Angle Adapter for the F50fd (like there was for the TZ1)
  191. Need Help Choosing Camera
  192. would this improve the canon a650 is?
  193. Is $299 a good deal for Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi?
  194. Nikon D80 -or- Canon EOS 40D
  195. Does Color Change the Material
  196. What is a good camera for me?
  197. Beginner photographer looking for a camera for travel and nature (mountains, fjords)
  198. What camera would you take to Holland?
  199. Choosing my first DSLR
  200. need help choosing between A-100 and a 20D
  201. Anyone else getting a frozen zoom on digital Fujifilm camera?
  202. Samsung NV7 or Olympus FE-240
  203. Canon A720 or Canon SX100
  204. Looking for camera for trips - Samsung Nv11?
  205. Canon 750 vs 850
  206. Least shutter lag camera for point and shoot?
  207. Slim Digital camera
  208. Help me choose between Pan. FZ50 & Oly. SP560UZ
  209. Looking for a keeper
  210. HP Photosmart M547 or Kodak EasyShare C613
  211. Need good macro for photographing watches
  212. Digital SLR Olympus / Canon / Nikon
  213. Returned A650 IS b/c of noise... need suggestions
  214. Active Photographer
  215. Advice for Night Sporting Event
  216. Help Choosing A Camera for Good Prints?
  217. What DSLR should I buy?
  218. Yet another "Which compact camera?" question
  219. Buying SLR Camera
  220. Looking for a good P&S for wife to use
  221. Third time's the charm?
  222. Looking for a good 1st choice P&S
  223. Looking for best SLR in 500 dollar range
  224. DSLR feature question
  225. Nikon Coolpix
  226. Studio Photography
  227. dSLR crisp pictures?
  228. a big challenge - long lasting, durable, compact, etc.
  229. small point and shoot
  230. which 1
  231. Kodak Video and Picture Capture?
  232. First DSLR purchase
  233. Which one of these is better? PowerShot SD870 or Lumix DMC-FX55?
  234. Digital Compact and DSLR
  235. Help with Camera Purchase
  236. Canon 40d vs. Canon xsi
  237. another request for opinion, different parameters
  238. help for low light, compact with manual focus
  239. help for low light, compact with manual focus
  240. Reviews are soooo different!
  241. Camera recommendation
  242. Camera recommendation
  243. Canon Budget cameras
  244. help needed
  245. Ultra-Compact Camera
  246. K10d / Rebel XTi / D40x / D80 / E-510
  247. Calling all experts, buying new camera
  248. Have interest, need camera help
  249. Sharpest image
  250. Compact; with shutter speed & aperture options.