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  5. Swimming, Soccer and Christmas.
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  14. digital slr for college
  15. Point & Shoot with Image Stabilization & Mpeg4??
  16. What camera should I buy? Please help!
  17. finepix z1 vs. kodak v550
  18. which camera to buy
  19. Panasonic Dmc Fz-10 Vs Fuji S5100
  20. Canon S410 or A95? Olympus?
  21. Compacts working below 0C?
  22. Pros + Cons: Canon SD300/400/500
  23. Nikon D70s or Konica Minolta Maxxum 7D
  24. Which camera should I buy? Please help!
  25. Canon A95 Successor?
  26. The *istDS for $997 or 350D w/.300mm for $1550?
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  28. Looking for a good all purpose camera
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  30. sony w5, canon a95 and the others
  32. Good beginner camera
  33. Shaky hands....which cameras have optical stabilization
  34. Pixels vs Optical Zoom?
  35. Need carry anywhere camera
  36. Kodak V550 vs Casio Z750 vs Casio EX -S500
  37. Photos out of order on my camera
  38. Need Help!
  39. Which is better- CANON A520 or CANON SD410, also questions about A95
  40. Panasonic Lumix FZ5= 12x UZ + Wide Angle + Macro?????
  41. Fuji F10 / Nikon Coolpix 5900 or Nikon Coolpix 7900
  42. Entry SLR or Super-zoom?! Help!!!!
  43. Sony DSC-T7 / Canon SD500 / Kodak v550
  44. memory type for the long run
  45. (noob)Yet Another: "What camera should I Get?" Thread
  46. Best digital camera for low light situations
  47. Casio Exilim EX-S500 vs Canon SD400 WOW!!
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  49. *istDL or something else?
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  51. Help: Best Camera For Shooting Baseball Photos?
  52. help: secure digital memory cards
  53. Digital camera with movie recording
  54. Which to buy? Canon PwrShot SD300, Fuji FinePix Z1, or Casio Exilim EX-Z55
  55. General use camera but options to learn
  56. point and shoot cameras
  57. Nikon 5900 or Canon A95?
  58. Can anyone share Extended Warranty experiences / advice?
  59. Need help
  60. Help PLEASE!* Canon powershot pro 1 or nikon coolpix 8800
  61. Canon EOS Digital Rebel or Canon G6 or...? (Please help!)
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  64. my f700 broke, need replacement
  65. Which camera for sports/action shots?
  66. Which one? H1, FZ20 or FZ5 or something else
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  68. canon 350d or nikon d70s
  69. Powershot S60 or S2?
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  72. yet another "which camera" question
  73. Canon A520 vs Fuji E 550
  74. Canon 10D or something...help!
  75. Really desperate
  76. Really desperate
  77. Lomo Replacement / Ultra-Compacts
  78. Canon PS SD500 or S2 IS
  79. Canon Powershot s70 vs Olympus C 7000
  80. Canon Digital Rebel XT and macro lens to suit??
  81. Cameras with built in image sorting ability
  82. Digital Camera with Movies OR Camcorder?!
  83. Looking for a Sony Cybershot camera...
  84. fz20 or budget dslr???
  85. look professional, for dim light, multiple shots, $1K range
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  88. Sanyo VPC-C5
  89. The first time digital camera buyer
  90. Newbie needs advice
  91. Advice on purchasing a digital camera
  92. First Digital - Can't decide A510 or A85
  93. (Ultra) Zoom - Canon S1, Panasonic Lumix LZ2, FZ3, FZ5 or Fuji S5500, ... ?
  94. Help me choose! Please!
  95. Comparison Help? Sony DSC-W5 vs SD400/500
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  98. Thoughts on the Sony CyberShot 5.1 MP, 12X zoom?
  99. Hello all NOOB here...
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  104. camera for a bboy
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  106. buying advice required please
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  108. Gig Photographer Needs Good Quality Pics In Low Light!
  109. KonicaMinolta Dimage Z3 OR Canon S1 IS??
  110. Camera that make movies
  111. 24 slim/compact cameras to choose from! which ones?!
  112. Inexpensive camera for shooting PC serial numbers
  113. Macro & overall sharpness, FZ5 or S2 IS?
  114. Looking for Image Stabilization and Mpeg4 Video
  115. Which camera is for me?
  116. Which?- Canon or Casio or Sony or ..?
  117. Nikon Coolpix 5200 v. 5900
  118. Can someone please help me??
  119. Minolta z3 is it that bad?
  120. The BEST Point and Shoot Digital Camera on the Market Today!
  121. Medium Zoom Cameras (6x-8x)??
  122. Down to 5 choices (any advice)?
  123. Which camera?
  124. newbie wants all advice
  125. 12x Zoom?
  126. Architect needs wide angle for interiors! Which camera should I buy?
  127. Camera for someone who is 90
  128. Your help would be appreciated
  129. Casio Exilim EX-S100 vs. Canon PowerShot SD200 Digital ELPH
  130. Big Zoom Question
  131. Am I ready for DSLR?
  132. which is better, FZ20 or Canon IS2
  133. which camera should I buy
  134. is the jump to DSLR worth the money compared to .....
  135. Just bought a Stylus Verve...deciding whether to return or not.
  136. Please Help With Camera Decision...
  137. Best sub-compact camera (for newbie)
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  141. How valuable are optical viewfinders?
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  143. Pan. FZ5 vs. Canon S2 SI ????
  144. First Digi camera please help
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  146. aid required !
  147. looking for a quality, ultra-compact camera
  148. Timelapse Camera
  149. Canon S2 IS vs. Panasonic DMC-FZ5
  150. Exploring the Olympus Stylus 800
  151. Wide-angle compact advice
  152. Which Camera is Right for me ?
  153. Canon Powershot SD400 vs Nikon Coolpix 5900
  154. Z5 - H1 - Fz20 - 8080
  155. which camera should I buy?
  156. New Camera advice....
  157. i'm down to 2 canons...
  158. dcam for photographing old newspapers?
  159. need advice
  160. Upgrade S60 to G6?
  161. s2is help
  162. Need advice...
  163. which camera for Sports/Action Shots?
  164. Olympus Stylus 800, Fuji FinePix F10 or wait
  165. Looking to buy first digital camera
  166. Casio EX-Z750 / Kodak V550 / Panasonic DMC-FX9
  167. Looking for a Great Night Action Camera
  168. Nikon 7900 vs. Canon A95
  169. Canon A520 vs Stylus 800 (old v new?)
  170. Need Advise/Recommendation. How long would AA batteries last on a camera?
  171. Canon Rebel XT v. Panasonic FZ30
  172. Wanting to buy - Good deal?
  173. Which is The Cheapest Digital SLR Camera
  174. Need first camera
  175. the more i look the more confused I get.
  176. I really need a review on the Fuji S9000 soon!
  177. Need a rugged camera
  178. Beginner Camera to Grow In to?
  179. Looking to upgrade my camera, help please!
  180. The Challenge: Are You Going to join the dSLR Rush?
  181. Cant decide!
  182. Canon 20D or 350D?
  183. a few questions
  184. Overwhelmed with info... looking for 1st digicam!
  185. digicam with great performance!!
  186. Suggestions, thanks.
  187. Please help me choose btween Canon, Fuji, Sony and Nikon!
  188. SD500, F10, Stylus 800, P200...sigh
  189. Advice?
  190. The Camera of Cameras? Advice
  191. Is a Small Camera Important to You?
  192. first dslr
  193. IS Olympus C5500 A good Buy?
  194. Opinion whether FZ30 is worth the step up?
  195. Digital Camera for Automobile Shots
  196. Canon or Panasonic Ultra Zoom?
  197. Is the PowerShot S2 the ideal camera for me?
  198. Fuji F10 reliability and CA (purple)
  199. Memory ?????
  200. I need help - I am not a pro
  201. Canon A85 or Canon S410?
  202. sd300 or F10
  203. What camera to buy
  204. Noobie again (Which Camera)
  205. Looking for mid sized camera
  206. First Camra for student
  207. A good learning camera?
  208. The best ultra-compact camera?
  209. new camera for my wife
  210. Which one? Panasonic ... Nikon, or?
  211. Which camera to buy?? Here is what is important to me
  212. Help, I'm confused....
  213. What camera to buy? Help!
  214. CF card
  215. first digital camera
  216. Looking for telescopes that allows Canon S2 mounting
  217. FZ20 or S2 IS
  218. Is a long zoom camera a good choice for me?
  219. Need Advice!!!please
  220. getting into photography
  221. 4 brands--Oly, Pana, Sony, Canon, HELP!!
  222. Have old Pentax lenses from ME; would they fit a new Pentax DSLR?
  223. Anti-blur on Fuji S9000
  224. New cam for myself
  225. Prosumer, DSLR or other?
  226. NEED MORE ADVICE, please
  227. guidance for camera buying plz?
  228. Help a designer buy a camera! - Advice please!
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  230. which nikon should i buy
  231. Point and Shoot Camera?
  232. Super Zoom Comparison/Discussion
  233. Will Sony and Canon match the FZ30 soon?
  234. I need help with digital camera for underwater use...
  235. While looking for FZ5, found Dimage Z2 at Sam's at great price
  236. Argh! Which of the three???
  237. S2 IS vs H1 vs Fz5
  238. Looking for a Small Digital Camera, Good Picture Quality
  239. Buy the Panasonic FZ5 now and upgrade a month or two down the road?
  240. Please Help
  241. Sony or Canon?
  242. Confused
  243. commercial use cameras
  244. Help please!
  245. Getting into photography...
  246. I need a digital camera that takes square pictures, does this exist?
  247. Anybody have a Canon S70?
  248. To Buy or Not to Buy Olympus Stylus 800
  249. golf swing
  250. Cheap camera with manual controls