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  1. New canon s3 user pics
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  3. Some pictures I took with my S3 on FlickR
  4. S5IS or G7?
  5. Some new pics
  6. Prepping up my S2IS for the fireworks display
  7. A570is disappointment, need advice
  8. Is this normal for the 800 IS?
  9. Upgrading to a Canon, need advice!
  10. Purple Fringing
  11. Novice - Need help in S3IS macro modes
  12. Best Price on Canon S5
  13. Weird A710is problem
  14. Camera cover
  15. Just ordered my S3 :)
  16. G7 -- Max resolution question
  17. S3 purchase here?
  18. S5 review coming soon
  19. G3 Problem
  20. in-body stabilization?
  21. Canon a570 is - Zooming with movie recording?
  22. TX1 videos
  23. Raynox DCR-250
  24. Heads up: password attack
  25. Canon Deluxe Photo Backpack 200EG
  26. S5 Movie Mode
  27. G7 - darkening in a picture
  28. Canon SD750 Mini Review
  29. Canon A75 freeze
  30. Are S5 + G7 screens of same size?
  31. Beginner Book/Camera reccomendations
  32. 411 for my Canon bruthas from another mother
  33. A Few Canon PowerShot S5 IS Questions
  34. Why AVI? Please help!
  35. About To Buy a TX1 - Questions!
  36. Canon lens error, restart camera
  37. G5 and polarization filters?
  38. New S3IS Owner!
  39. S3 lens and accessory packages
  40. S3 and S5 owners: Is red eye really a problem?
  41. new Canon A700 series?
  42. Manual Focus Usage
  43. Canon S5 - LCD is hard to open
  44. For G7: Placing polarizer between LA-DC58H and WC-DC58B??
  45. What to buy after getting S5
  46. Decisions, decisions
  47. Help me with my S3 IS
  48. A570is - need tips/tricks
  49. S5 Automatic Continuous Mode?
  50. where to sell my Powershot S3 IS?
  51. hi i'm new hear...
  52. S3 Flash Question
  53. S2 IS question
  54. mono or tri pod
  55. PowerShot S500 Digital ELPH HELP!!
  56. Canon PowerShot IS vs non-IS
  57. Accessories For S5 IS?
  58. SD1000 damaged - lens cover popped out. estimate to fix?
  59. Continuous Shooting Option MISSING
  60. Polarizer?
  61. Webcam-ing?
  62. Canon A540 problem with the click button
  63. Questions About S3 IS settings and editing
  64. Canon G8 available soon?
  65. Canon SD850IS memory Card
  66. Shooting in RAW - my draft workflow for comments - thanks
  67. Which SD card for Canon a570 is ?
  68. canon s3 vs canon s5
  69. need advice for taking a picture
  70. Checking battery life on the SD800?
  71. Broken and repaired (I hope) S2 IS: how to reassemble it?
  72. Light meter
  73. Powershot SD850 IS - Design flaw
  74. S3 is better than S5?
  75. Canon Card does not show as a Drive
  76. View finder - Purple line show in light
  77. A640 or S5 IS
  78. Overexposure with powershot A75
  79. Wide Angle Adapter for S5 IS?
  80. 420EX or 430EX for PS G7?
  81. Sensor dust in A620
  82. S3IS or Canon A710 IS
  83. S3 Lens and Filters
  84. A PK to EOS adapter is great
  85. Flash options
  86. Powershot S5 Results from the field
  87. Canon A650/A660 predictions
  88. Drats! Dead Pixels!
  89. A570IS LCD daylight viewing
  90. Portable copy stand lighting issues?
  91. Is a Lens Hood Adequate Protection?
  92. Very High Humity?
  93. S5 IS vs 20D w/ 70-200 f2.8L IS
  94. OEM Camera?
  95. S5 IS VS. G7 can anyone help me choose?
  96. Need help opening RAW files
  97. Powershot A560
  98. remove settings from PowerShot A710 IS
  99. New S5 and S3 price difference
  100. S3,5D comparison
  101. What's about the SD900?
  102. best camera in A5*0 range
  103. About CANON A570 IS....
  104. SD vs. A?
  105. full manual mode
  106. S3 on it's first holiday outing..photos to share with you all...
  107. question about my memory card, S2 & S3
  108. Wouldnt this be fun?
  109. Canon S5 Accessory Questions
  110. A95 battery compartment door
  111. SD800IS fill flash question
  112. Am I stuck with the dust in the camera?
  113. Canon S3 Adapter and Hood-Lens Cap
  114. Repair Times
  115. Canon S3 - where to buy and what accessories?
  116. Canon A640 owners - help and advice needed
  117. Have Canon A70, what should I upgrade to?
  118. Canon G7 + DCR6600 wide lens, great!
  119. S2 IS accessory questions
  120. washed out looking pictures?
  121. A710 IS -- Large movie files
  122. Canon SD850 - tight leather case?
  123. Powershot G9, why only now?
  124. Why is Protective Anti-Glare Coating Peeling Off ?
  125. No Optical viewfinder on the new SD870
  126. Sx100
  127. PowerShot G9
  128. Please if anyone can advise me...?
  129. Safe to assume A720is image quality is worse thatn A710is?
  130. can anyone tell me on the G7 which wide angle lens would be best?
  131. battery or camera problem? HELP!
  132. Canon Film Cameras
  133. raynox dcr-2020 pro telephoto
  134. Canon point and shoot accessories for A630 for ex.?
  135. SD800 IS audible noises normal?
  136. S3 or Nikon D40 SLR?
  137. a640 or a720is
  138. S5 IS flash pics
  139. Potentially duped by camera store on battery....
  140. S5 Video Playback delay
  141. S2 IS and Prep for Big Airshow
  142. Canon powershot S5 IS lens cap
  143. Reflection of the Image in the EVF
  144. "Unidentified Image" on S2?
  145. About Canon's LCD Screen
  146. taking pictures with S3 IS
  147. NIKON and CANON
  148. Canon vs. Panasonic color?
  149. BG-EN2 Again!
  150. 220EX speedlite
  151. S2 IS and depth of field?
  152. Confused between the A650IS, A710IS and A720IS
  153. My trip to the West Coast of Namibia (Africa)
  154. S3 Pics shot in CapeTown recently.
  155. Help Regarding S5 IS Adapter & Filters ....
  156. First Attempt with Moon Shots
  157. Lunar Eclipse
  158. that damn moon....
  159. Do Canon's have in-camera cropping?
  160. S3 IS focus
  161. Settings for an SD300 - broken LCD
  162. My S3 quit today
  163. S5 w/ speedlite?
  164. Using SDHC cards?
  165. chdk firmware
  166. Difference between HMC & S-HMC...?
  167. Canon - lens error
  168. starting over from scratch
  169. Using a filter without the lens adapter?
  170. Starting to see some loss in charge life with AA's
  171. Any other alternative to 220ex .....
  172. Moving up in the world
  173. Using Optical Viewfinder
  174. Memory Card Full
  175. canon eos 350d
  176. skin tones in flash pics by S5 IS
  177. Lenses.. HELP me understand.
  178. Powershot G9 Preview Photos
  179. Sunset with S5 IS
  180. A95 Thumbnail Issue???
  181. Confused about pricing of 2 similar Canons
  182. PowerShot A710IS: Faulty CCD?
  183. Small Red Dot...
  184. Canon S410 better sensor than SD850?
  185. White Circle Appearing on Image
  186. SD card for S5 IS high quality VGA movies
  187. blury problems with manual mode
  188. S5 Is
  189. $400 Lens for Indoor Family Photography??
  190. Hazy Pictures with Telephoto Lens (Powershot s5is)
  191. 430EX with 10d - ETTL disappearing sometimes. HELP!
  192. PopPhoto likes the G9
  193. got my SD 950 Is, first pics
  194. cool/blue tint on the S5 IS
  195. How do I change my destination folder on Mac
  196. SD800is, need memory card help
  197. Canon Powershot Durability?
  198. Uploading from my Rebel XT - nightmare from HELL
  199. Upgrading from a G2 to a S3/S5, noticeable different in image quality?
  200. PowerShot S5 IS movie mode / Face Detection question
  201. Canon A460 - Any Good?
  202. Differences between Powershot SD850IS and IXY Digital 810IS
  203. S5 IS flash attachment hot shoe mounted
  204. Canon S5 turning on & off
  205. My new S3 photo blog...
  206. My second Canon to randomly have this problem
  207. SD450 Dropping Pixels??
  208. Protecting the lens
  209. Canon A85 LCD Banding & Flicker
  210. Canon A450 Video Problem...help!
  211. Canon A95 Operability Issue
  212. A510 won't turn on even with fresh batteries, is it a goner?
  213. Powershot SD870
  214. S1 Picture?
  215. Anyone slightly dissapointed by the G9 review?
  216. Problems finding store with PowerShot A640
  217. Danidabi's picture problems
  218. Powershot S5 lenses
  219. S5 IS external flash question
  220. Smudged pictures with Canon PowerShot A80
  221. Canon LCDs and Polarised Glasses
  222. Upgrading canon compact... SD750,850 ect whats the diff?
  223. S3 Sound cutting out
  224. Canon A650 service notice: light leak
  225. G6 or G7 ? which one to buy ?
  226. do I have a battery issue with my Canon sd750??
  227. G9 motor noise when AF set to "continous"
  228. Rebal TXi ?
  229. Canon S1 IS
  230. Canon G7
  231. How do I fix a stuck pixel?
  232. Where Can I Buy?
  233. Some Canon powershot SX100 pics...
  234. Using S3IS or 800IS to capture details of a insect?
  235. SDHC High Capacity SD card on Canon S3 IS?
  236. Where is the A650?
  237. canon s5 audio noise while zooming in and out in video mode, is this normal?
  238. Canon SD800 IS?
  239. Problems with SD550...Help!
  240. Xti nooB requests ideal setting for Vegas?
  241. Few S5 IS Pics
  242. Tips on Football shots with A630
  243. Canon A650 video, zoom? Autofocus
  244. Polarizer lens
  245. SD 850 lens visible in viewfinder?
  246. Broken IXUS 75, what to do ?
  247. date imprint??
  248. Pictures from my SD800IS Disappeared???
  249. Need help
  250. G9 minimal purple-fringe