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  1. Canon S3 IS powershot
  2. confused about sd cards..
  3. anyone s3 with 0.45x or 0.5x?!
  4. Over-exposure issue
  5. Canon PowerShot S3 and SD-SDHC cards
  6. Canon S3 US/EU Version?
  7. Canon S2 IS
  8. Budget light tripod
  9. Powershot TX1 question
  10. Canon EOS 400D (Digital Rebel XTi)
  11. sdhc portable hdd (photobank)
  12. S3 IS: Exposure Compensation in M mode?
  13. S3 Telelens for birding
  14. Slowdown due to SDCard ... how to notice?
  15. Time lapse - S3
  16. Anything new about S4?
  17. quick i need some help!
  18. Another S3 lens adaptor question....
  19. Difference between S3 teleconverters
  20. DOF with an S3 ??
  21. S3 aperture observations (& some questions)
  22. video clip trouble
  23. S3 is SDHC compatible, but S2 is not?
  24. cleaning specifically for S3
  25. Connecting Nikon TC-E15ED to S3
  26. Rookie question..
  27. Has anyone ever thought to...
  28. Canon sd600 for $170
  29. Canon PowerShot SD1000
  30. A little bit of P!nk
  31. Need advice on new purchase
  32. Remote S3 Shooting
  33. some Back to Basics
  34. Problem with my S3IS lens
  35. Still more teleconverters!
  36. Canon s3 overexposure
  37. Canon Deals @ Dell Home: A710IS $209 + tax & ship
  38. Software for Canon Powershot A310
  39. Playing movies shot using Canon A540
  40. Powershot G7 case and hand strap - recommendations please =)
  41. Odd Question about filters...
  42. S3 IS newbie question re: movies
  43. s3 is problem
  44. Histogram option
  45. SD1000 information
  46. Canon Powershot A95 problem
  47. accessories for S3 is... need help
  48. Close-Up Lens
  49. Which should I buy? The S3IS or the A710 IS
  50. Canon A540 and 4 GB SD card
  51. Lens adapter tubes for Canon a540
  52. A610 flaky on/off button, opening it up...
  53. for the rynox 58mm adapter, please help
  54. preserve EXIF data
  55. SD750/IXUS75 - Dead Pixels on LCD and spots in the Image
  56. Powershot A620/630/640
  57. S5is The S3 Replacemnet - Specs
  58. S2 Is Help
  59. [A710IS, S3IS]does anyone have samples of the zoom capabilities?
  60. Help with shutter speed on a S3
  61. Attention TX1 owners
  62. S3 AV-mode
  63. So FINALLY, the S5 IS!
  64. Canon PowerShot SD850 IS/IXUS 950 IS
  65. Photostitch
  66. s3 or wait for s5
  67. problems downloading pics or: Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware
  68. PowerShot A610 to S3IS
  69. Enhanced Zoom on TX1 during video?
  70. S3 IS memory card problem
  71. Canon Powershot SD700 or SD800
  72. s3 and rynox 250, how to?
  73. S3, high pitch noise in video
  74. Blown highlights. Polarizer?
  75. Lack of FlexiZone on the A570 IS
  76. confused on error?
  77. S5 IS: Still no MPEG?
  78. S3 IS Beginners toolkit
  79. What does SD stand for on some of the Powershots
  80. S3 Changing modes with mode dial
  81. s3 is for aerial shots from helicopter?
  82. Super newb with an S5 IS question
  83. [Canon] A710 IS vs SD900 vs SD1000
  84. Can I delete Canon software?
  85. Switching from film to DSLR
  86. Macro filter set vs. a Lens
  87. For S3 users: zoom or wide?
  88. Raynox Dcr-2020pro
  89. 52mm Albinar Skylight Filter for Canon S3
  90. Why does everyone here love the S3 IS
  91. Software
  92. New To Photography - Have S1 and S3
  93. Using zoom with wide angle lens attached
  94. check this out, and EYE
  95. Low Light Advices
  96. Very surprised at S3 battery life
  97. Canon S80?
  98. Upload Pics, video to camera???
  99. Pretty bad chromatic aberration (fringing) in S3 lens
  100. Anyone tried an A460?
  101. G7 vs. S3
  102. Date Weirdness
  103. Anyone have a home studio for small items?
  104. cheap (<$15-35) tripod for S1IS (@ walmart, ritz, frys, etc)?
  105. Some new S3 pics...
  106. Simple Battery Question
  107. Bought a linear polarizer. Need circular?
  108. This is a stupid question, but...(Canon S3/5)
  109. White lines across pics w S1 IS
  110. a570 vs a710
  111. More noise with more zoom?
  112. Image quality not what I'm used to... (LONG)
  113. Canon S1 IS Blurry LCD/Viewfinder pictures
  114. Elph help?
  115. Wife says I can camera shop
  116. Only half-focused?
  117. Recovering Photos from Memory Card Error
  118. Can i put a lens on my A710?
  119. canon s3... or not?
  120. Canon Powershot SD1000/Where does it show on camera how many pics are left on my 2GB
  121. Canon S2 Custom White Balance
  122. Ixus video question
  123. auto ISO
  124. A95 not restting properly, or just overexposing?
  125. TV/AV settings
  126. purple streaks and white lines in S60
  127. accesories for s3 is
  128. S3 video questions.
  129. S3 video questions
  130. editing & converting video files from S1 IS? (free program(s)?)
  131. can canon sdxxx be charged via usb?
  132. Why is Shutter Speed Priority called Tv?
  133. Circular Polarizing, S3 IS, EV Settings, Alternative?
  134. Question about taking pics on Manual mode
  135. Teleconverter question
  136. Upgrade from S400
  137. S1 IS flash won't pop up
  138. Bought a 350D. What to do with my S3?
  139. S3 movie mode autofocus...
  140. My new camera...(pics, and a question)
  141. Consumer Reports' Look at 71 Cameras
  142. Canon 500D vs. Raynox DCR-250
  143. Av (aperture) setting HELP!
  144. Raynox CM3500 and Canon S3? Good Match?
  145. SD800 IS: Clicking sound when shutter half-pressed....normal?
  146. Does DCR250 Cause vignetting?
  147. SD 700 IS - Auto Rotation Gone Amok?
  148. S3 or S5 IS, pros/cons, plus accessories (LONG)
  149. need help with S3's exp-bracketing hack!!!
  150. S3 & new to photography
  151. Mod'ed tripod
  152. Adjusting exposure in direct sunlight?
  153. Auto ISO and Whitebalance on S3 IS?
  154. Video of the S3 IS VS. 800?
  155. Zoom in plzz
  156. what software do you use?
  157. Canon A75 issue, looks terminal.
  158. S3's ISO 80??
  159. noise on s3
  160. Canon G7 vs. S3?
  161. New member with S3 IS (first pics inside)
  162. s3 is accessories
  163. spots on s80 image
  164. PowerShot TX1 Question
  165. A710IS Bad focus? help me!
  166. canon TX1
  167. How to make background blurr with canon S3
  168. Has anyone traded their DSLR for a point & shoot (S3)
  169. Canon PowerShot S80 software help
  170. Best wide angle lens for S3
  171. When will update of Canon A630/A640 be out? I want VariAngle PLUS Image Stabilization
  172. Newbie, Somewhat..S2IS questions
  173. Trade Canon S3 for Canon 20D???
  174. Rechargeable AA Batteries (again)
  175. S3 IS Body Corrosion ???
  176. SD750 questions
  177. lens help for S3
  178. What memory card do you use for your Canon Powershot S3 IS?
  179. Photo Editing Software?
  180. My S3 is going on Ebay - Then S5 + Flash!
  181. S3: My Informal Teleconverter Shoot
  182. Does canon S3 supports 4Gb card and also SDHC?
  183. SD800IS Prepurchase Questions
  184. Are there any good video compression programs for the S3 and A640?
  185. S3is / G7 night landscape shot in review
  186. another tele converter thread
  187. SD700: Copying images back to camera/card
  188. Good macro lens for S3 IS?
  189. Exposure compensation on SD800 IS
  190. Screen went blank. What's wrong?
  191. Two Macro Videos!
  192. Canon S5
  193. Need some help - lensmate
  194. Major Problems that NEED to be fixed for my Coolpix 5400!!
  195. Canon SD850 IS pics
  196. Full Size SD850 IS pics
  197. Dead S2 IS - Fix, upgrade, or change mfg?
  198. Underwater cases from B&H for S2
  199. Firmware hacks help
  200. color settings
  201. Account Hacking
  202. Help me pick out my TRIPOD from DELL (PLEASE)
  203. Aww, Crap! Our Rebel's (300D) Shutter Died!
  204. exchange!!!
  205. Ted
  206. macro lens for A570is
  207. S2 IS, doesn't start after change of batteries
  208. Canon SD800 vs SD850
  209. S3 IS power supply
  210. S3 IS raw vs jpg [imgs]
  211. Action shot question for S3
  212. S2 IS "Change the batteries" error msg
  213. Bought camera off ebay and it has problems Canon s3
  214. SD series - strongest flash power and/or best coverage?
  215. So I placed my lensmate order and Im a tad worried...
  216. New S3 IS purchase...
  217. Powershot a570 is poor performance
  218. Some S3 IS Questions
  219. Just got my new S5 IS!!
  220. Raynox wide angles
  221. Metal frame around lens ripped off my 800IS
  222. S3 movie playback problems
  223. which adapter ring size for filters, S3 SI
  224. S3 card advice
  225. Always Carry A Camera
  226. Some issues with my Powershot A640
  227. How i can finalize dvd discs without camera
  228. S2 IS basic question
  229. S3 video question
  230. any nice handstrip for s3?
  231. Why is there a $140 dollar difference in the price of the Powershot TX1 on Amazon and
  232. Shooting video vertically with 800IS?
  233. S2IS and the 2007 Rhode island Airshow
  234. S3 IS problems: Photo dimensions sometimes resets
  235. Is this a scam? $475 for TX1, 2nd Battery+Case+LCD Protector+Tripod+Card Reader
  236. S3 IS Raw Hack is more than just for RAW...
  237. Recording videos onto DVD's with S3
  238. s2is flash broke
  239. S3 lenses and accessories
  240. Will a Canon TC-DC52B Tele work with a S3 IS?
  241. Looking for Camera Advice
  242. A570 IS or A710 IS
  243. A570 IS or A710 IS
  244. S3 e-book - is it worth it? any bought it?
  245. S3 IS Remote shutter release
  246. My Flickr Page
  247. Tele converter
  248. Canon A95 LCD Problem
  249. Picked up the S5 today.
  250. image count on S3