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  1. 4gb and up SD Cards with a Canon A540?
  2. What's the first thing you would buy for your S3?
  3. Canon S3: how to set up the focal distance of the human eye?
  4. SD card trouble for the A540
  5. Any experience with bower lenses for S3 IS?
  6. Fisheye...
  7. Parts is parts
  8. Canon IXUS 900 TI / New Pictures
  9. Help with shooting night shots from inside a plane
  10. What do you Canon owners think of this Studio Kit?
  11. S3 stabilizer concern
  12. Carrying Bag for S3 IS
  13. Settings on a530
  14. UK S3 Users
  15. Novice help
  16. S3 IS unable to open images
  17. help with S3 IS indoor shots
  18. sd800is panorama mode
  19. Question to G7 users.
  20. Batteries for S3
  21. Is it woirth posting??
  22. Night Pics
  23. If the S3 IS didn't look like a mini-DSLR, would it still be compared to a DSLR?
  24. canon sd600?
  25. Battle of the batteries...
  26. s3 as a camcorder
  27. Repair Advice, Canon S2IS, Matrix or Diaphragm?
  28. What should I look for in a closeup lens?
  29. Do you know why we have to turn off Image Stabilization when using tripod? Here's why
  30. Canon S2IS, Matrix or Diaphragm?
  31. Stock Photography
  32. can SD600 or SD630 handle 4 gig capacity?
  33. PowerShot G7 Help, Anyone?
  34. A710 vs S3
  35. Anyone use the S3 with Canon Teleconverter?
  36. Moving from S3 IS to DSLR... are you?
  37. Canon A710 IS telephoto zoom capability
  38. Problem with Canon A540 Jesus help
  39. Canon ZR85 Help
  40. Powershot Pro G1 or G7
  41. A710IS Allowable Input Voltage
  42. Memory Card for A710S
  43. Burst mode setting on A710IS
  44. Editing with Photoshop - Good or Bad
  45. Anyone know if they are reverse compatible?
  46. Help with G6 tele
  47. A 710 Limitations I've Discovered
  48. Sony Tele
  49. SD700 IS - anyone purchased batteries from ebay?
  50. S3 defect?
  51. Powershot S100 Problems
  52. A710 In Camera Cropping and Video Capture
  53. What camera for these conditions?
  54. 50x SD Card, good enough for video?
  55. Fix or Buy New // Viewfinder in Powershot A75 won't show image ...
  56. A710IS Flash Time
  57. Camera problem, Help please. It's all black!
  58. S2 IS Zoom Motor Noise Question
  59. S3 IS computer cable
  60. S1 IS Problem
  61. DIY Macro Flash ring using BUILT IN flash for A710
  62. HELP! Powershot A75 - Lights keep going
  63. Dropped - SD700 IS
  64. Canon S3 with Teleconverter or Olympus 550 UZ?
  65. Looking for a LA-DC58H Lens converter for the G7
  66. canon powershot 90 is
  67. Pixima iP6700D
  68. SD700 IS - Vignetting problems...
  69. Slave Flash for S3
  70. Getting the best results from my new camera
  71. S3IS with Nikon TC-E15ED 1.5x
  72. 4 GB SD cards OK for S3 IS
  73. S2 IS Lens Adapter 52mm vs. 58mm
  74. what is the best canon digital camera?
  75. Hoya 52mm UV lens & Hoya 52mm Polarizing lens on my S3 question
  76. What is the advantage of UV Filter vs. Circular Polarizer
  77. Unhappy w/my SD700 image quality
  78. Ir Vd
  79. Canon A710 IS Memory Card & Batteries
  80. Powershot A95 - E18 error
  81. Relatively new S3 owner.
  82. Reverse Lens On Ps 710 Is.
  83. Which should I buy Canon A710 or S3 ?
  84. I need help with SD card
  85. Another new S3 owner.
  86. Canon S2 IS broken after left in the cold?
  87. Best Camera Case for my new S3
  88. How to clean s3 is lens???
  89. Canon A560, A720, S4, SDS650, SD710 coming soon?
  90. How to use supermacro mode?
  91. Basic SD Card Performance In My Canon A710 IS
  92. Canon A540 and Depth of focus
  93. Debunking SD memory card claims
  94. SD500 Playback issue
  95. New S3-IS owner saying hello
  96. Know anything about the Canon AE-1 Program?
  97. A710 IS LCD Lag
  98. What's wrong with my camera?
  99. Canon TX1 appeals to me
  100. Another 8G card-Unbelievable price!
  101. I need help
  102. Best Software for converting AVI's to dvd
  103. does the new 570IS better than 710IS?
  104. S3 newbie says hi
  105. Safety zoom
  106. Which 8GB and 4GB High Speed SDHC cards work?
  107. Some questions about accessories
  108. Newbie Questions re: A710IS Hi-Res Video
  109. SD450 playback issues
  110. S2, S3 usb Remote ?
  111. About the size of A710
  112. Converting .avi to smaller file size?
  113. Weird slo-mo effect on S3
  114. New Australian Canon S3 Is User
  115. DIGIC II & III - What is Different?
  116. LCD Noise on S3
  117. Program mode
  118. Are WMV. files playable in Canon P&S Cameras?
  119. A710 Memory
  120. S3 IS Battery problem
  121. Powershot A640 memory card recommendations
  122. Need a SDHC card reader
  123. A60 renumbering issue
  124. DC52a teleconverter on an S3?
  125. Calling all Canon A630 owners...
  126. Superfine vs Fine, What's the difference
  127. S3 IS on the beach. How do you protect it?
  128. Now buy a G7 or wait ?
  129. Tripod
  130. Going from the A610 to either the A710 IS or SD800 IS or SD700 IS
  131. Elph Continuous mode better than S3 Continuous mode
  132. Please Advise Before I Buy-4G Card
  133. 1st upgrade for my S3
  134. A710 IS Battery Questions
  135. Image File Sizes on A710
  136. Settings for night time picture
  137. 24-105 w/ 7NE fails after 3 rolls
  138. Limitation of Canon TX1
  139. Repair S45 or buy
  140. A80 Discoloration of images
  141. SD 700 IS vs A 710 IS
  142. Disgusted, made mistake using 580ex
  143. Artifact on internal lens of S3
  144. Happy new owner of S3 IS
  145. A710 - Frustrating Flash Recharge
  146. Is the G7 worth it?
  147. A710 IS color
  148. Is there a decent User Guide for A710?
  149. No A720 or S4?
  150. Buying a micro fiber cloth.
  151. Canon transfer
  152. A710 for Video/P&S?
  153. A710 owners, help
  154. Canon S1 IS - Recording quality poor
  155. recently going into higher ISOs on my S3 IS
  156. S3 IS Tips and Hardware
  157. A570IS is available!
  158. Slave Flash
  159. Wet Camera
  160. sd600 question
  161. inkjet cartridges link exchange
  162. S500 estimate
  163. Canon Elan II will not load film
  164. Canon SD800IS-taking fast moving objects
  165. Hoya Ultra Thin UV(0) + CPL
  166. SD800 vs SD900
  167. Canon, no battery meter??
  168. S3 Indoor shooting
  169. Speed Blur on the S3 IS
  170. Digit Iii
  171. Can I replace an S3 IS lens?
  172. Newbie question re: Scenes on S3
  173. Telephoto lens for S3
  174. newbie queston: re tips:
  175. Camera bag for S3?
  176. Time setting for S3
  177. lens cap
  178. book
  179. Movie Clips - Download to PC or Mac
  180. Remote Capture with SD 800 IS
  181. does the 30d focus better than xti
  182. does the 30d focus better than xti?
  183. Accessories for new S3 user?
  184. Canon A710IS Remote ?
  185. CANON Powershot A-series Lovers
  186. 8G SDHC for S3 IS ?
  187. Canon Underwater Enclosure WP-DC60
  188. Powershot SD750 = IXY Digital 90 (Japan)?
  189. How to create a video DVD with .avi files?
  190. SD cards and batteries for canon s3
  191. S3 Frustration ...
  192. wide angle converter for S3??
  193. tele-converter for S3
  194. Newbie Q's
  195. memory card question
  196. which tele for s3?!..out of 3
  197. Canon SD800 IS vs SD900
  198. Sand in ixus 750...
  199. At it again with my S2 IS
  200. lifespan of rechargeable batteries
  201. My Canon Powershot Digital SD 600
  202. Bad News About Canon A540??
  203. Artizen HDR
  204. HELP! Corrupt Data Message
  205. S2IS-PC Stopped recognizing via USB
  206. Canon S3iS Telephoto Lens
  207. Canon EXIF
  208. Canon G7 - any good pics?
  209. Canon Powershot A640 problem
  210. Filter question for S3
  211. Great Forum
  212. Canon 500D vs Macro Lens Sets
  213. Confused: which is a better camera; Canon A630 or A570IS.
  214. My new 4 and 8GB SDHC cards for my S3
  215. Be careful using telephoto end of zooming with a filter on...
  216. Another camera bag question - Tamrac
  217. S3 nightime social shots, Any examples?
  218. Card Choices For Canon A54o
  219. Anyone using Linux?
  220. canon s3 is add ons
  221. Wide Angle and Powershot G7
  222. Lets hear from TX1 actual users
  223. Canon powershot S3IS Pro series?
  224. Any good prices right now on SD ultra cards?
  225. Filter/Adapter Question
  226. Powershot S80
  227. Canon A570IS - Looking for an "all around" camera for family use
  228. Canon PowerShot TX1 live encoded output
  229. Canon IP6000D vs Canon S530D
  230. Update to A710 IS?
  231. Mosquito shots
  232. lensbaby
  233. HELP ! Powershot A530 doesn´t zoom anymore
  234. Converters and flash for S3 IS?
  235. ZoomBrowser Ex lossless JPEG rotation
  236. (S3is) polarizer and tc / wide adapter?!
  237. cannon s3is
  238. Enable video output/LCD/viewfinder when USB cable is connected.
  239. New To Advanced Photography with the S3 IS
  240. not all downloaded images "uploadable" using CameraWindow
  241. Canon Tx1, User Comments
  242. Another bag suggestion request...
  243. S3 vs S2 focus performance
  244. about to purchase the S3
  245. S3IS firmware raw hack not working....
  246. is this a good deal?
  247. Canon s410 Problem
  248. Class 2 vs. 4 vs. 6 SDHC for Canon S3IS
  249. A710 LCD...Fairly good solution found
  250. Diffusing S3 built in flash