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  1. S3 question
  2. Got one of my cameras back from canon
  3. I think i'm gonna sell my S3
  4. Maine Vacation Shots - A620
  5. Magnifiers for LCD screen?
  6. Special S2 adjustment?
  7. Help with my A620 LCD please!!
  8. Sunpak CP and UV filters..
  9. Got My New A620
  10. S2 IS vertical lines from sun?
  11. S3 at the park
  12. Remote shooting for S2IS and others
  13. What kit for holiday!?
  14. slave flash
  15. Next SD series camera
  16. XaiLo's New Photo Gallery Website
  17. S2 IS displaying the display!
  18. You ever mess around with flash diffusers?
  19. accident prone elphs
  20. Canon S2-IS makes noises
  21. Canon S2 images
  22. Powershot SD550 questions....
  23. Can a A610 use a 2GB card?
  24. canon a95 to a620?
  25. I'm thinking about buying a Canon S2 IS....
  26. S2 histogram?
  27. Trusty iXus 50
  28. PICS inside - S400 vs. S3 comparo - defective S3 ?
  29. Canon A620 and 4 GB cards
  30. The G6
  31. How to retain S3 exif data when modifying image ?
  32. Kenko CP filter from fifthunit
  33. Canon's New Lineup - Everything!
  34. Canon A80 dead
  35. Newbie looking to buy some filters, but unsure about what to get...
  36. Converting Slides to Images with your Canon S2???
  37. I see dead pixels...?
  38. opening A70? (not under warranty)
  39. Photographer's TO DO and Equipment Pre-Trip Checklist
  40. SD450 vs. SD600
  41. water damage
  42. Settings for the S2IS H.S. Football Games
  43. A620 Lenses
  44. New "Safety Zoom" and "Digital Teleconverter"
  45. Need memory specs on Powershot S3 IS.
  46. I got my other A70 back from canon today
  47. How does the S2IS/S3IS stack up to the Nikon D50?
  48. S2 keeps on impressing me!
  49. Managing Photos
  50. Finally!!
  51. Canon EOS Rebel K2
  52. Newbie -add -on Lens for S3 IS
  53. What speed SD card for S2 IS for video?
  54. Help with S2
  55. S3 My first shots, WOW to NOW
  56. When do the new SD-series come out?
  57. Canon A75 - broken LCD?
  58. How to shoot pictures of a deer.
  59. Boy, do I need a lot of help
  60. Question from new sd700is user??
  61. SD500 strapped to my radio control airplane...
  62. A710IS review coming in September
  63. How often do you set your white balance?
  64. Canon sd450 LCDs available
  65. 58mm 3X Super Telephoto Lens
  66. took sum pics at night with S3
  67. Canon S2 lens advice - shallower DOF with sports shots?
  68. qustion about lens caps.
  69. Things i wish the S3 had
  70. S3 filter
  71. The danielg photo school
  72. sd630 questions
  73. S3 Shortcourses book
  74. Canon SD500 problem
  75. What brand and Mah rechargables are you using?
  76. Nifty little lens i got
  77. blown highlights or broken light meter??
  78. Canon Sd700 Ixus 80
  79. Magnetic Wide-angle lens for SD-series
  80. Cotton Candy Waterfalls
  81. Loose Grip??
  82. My S1 shows flickering lines instead of image
  83. sd40?
  84. ? about purple fringing.
  85. Canon Powershot SD550 or SD700 IS?
  86. Canon and XP software problem?
  87. S2 IS Problem Capturing Portaits
  88. Full Screen vs. Wide Screen Resolutions
  89. S3 IS camera strap
  90. You like this one?
  91. S3/S2 or H2/H5
  92. Canon A510 problem with lcd
  93. danielg why did you decide on the S3 over SLR?
  94. $100 Price Drops on S3 IS and SD700 IS
  95. For those looking into an S3
  96. Battery Chargers
  97. S3 - Odd directories/Files
  98. A610 and "Corrupt JPEG data" with gphoto2
  99. Crystal Optics reputation
  100. advice on macro lens?
  101. Case for S3 IS
  102. Release Dates (a630/40)
  103. Photo Challenge Thread
  104. S3 quality problem?
  105. Tips...
  106. Best place for an A620 right now? that takes paypal
  107. What is next after the Powershot S80?
  108. How come my S2 IS doesnt Save ISO Rating in EXIF Data?
  109. newby with a question
  110. PowerShot G2 or the PowerShot S3IS
  111. Update firmware for S2 IS?
  112. PhotoFast SD cards
  113. Slave flash
  114. "Positive Film" MyColor: experiences????
  115. S3IS: Image sharpening?
  116. S3 White Balance questions: expodisc?
  117. Do you use auto levels?
  118. Lest do another check your CCD thread
  119. Underwater?
  120. maximum sd card sizes for canon cameras... 4gb?
  121. I find I'm newer everyday, S3 questions
  122. I was curious...
  123. New to S3 IS "What is the best lens converter + Macro Lens?"
  124. Wife doesn't like the S3
  125. Issues with my year-old A510
  126. Focusing Difficulty
  127. which one to get first and why?
  128. Because its a cool idea
  129. Close-up Lens Comparisaon
  130. Bring Back The Sports Mode!
  131. elph repair
  132. Anyone using Phoenix flash with the S3?
  133. s2 photos - Rally NZ Promo Day
  134. Accessories for a new S3 IS
  135. PCT Challenge "Pencils" week ending 9-16-06
  136. What ISO is AUTO on the S3?
  137. transferring pics to pc from s3
  138. Canon A75 don't start
  139. Canon S2 for Aerial Photography
  140. New SD cameras coming out in October...
  141. Powershot S80 gone ?
  142. not connecting to pc
  143. S3 IS quality question
  144. A620 and S3 shooting modes
  145. ShortCourses' Canon S3 IS Book Now Available
  146. S4 coming?
  147. Do you like the A640?
  148. What do you think is the best selling canon digital to date?
  149. memory cards
  150. G7 - return of the G series
  151. Original Canon Powershot strap..
  152. A Different Look at the G7
  153. How about some more thoughts on the new Powershot SD 900
  154. Kenko converter lens
  155. Got my A610 today
  156. Now, can we compare the SD 800 IS and SD 900?
  157. Received my S3 IS and have a few questions....
  158. How to set AEB on my new S2? (and intro)
  159. Why does flash actually make some pictures darker?
  160. Got rid of the Canon S3, today...
  161. S3 with sensor problems?
  162. Using Cannon charger in Europe
  163. PCT Challenge "Silhouettes" week ending 9-23-06
  164. Does canon have a complaint forum?
  165. Vendor recommendation?
  166. Rebel XT
  167. Camera in the right hands
  168. Bought cam (finally)
  169. Ques. about 52mm lends adapter
  170. possible S3 problem??
  171. Converting to CANON Video Format
  172. Anyone else part of the 700 club?
  173. movies compression w/ SD700
  174. Need advice on which camera to buy ASAP!
  175. Flash Diffuser/Softener for Canons
  176. Would you take a picture of some one?
  177. Need help deciding between three & QUICK!
  178. difference in foto-video quality between G7 - A720 ? (review, pics, comment?)
  179. Need Help from fellow SD700IS users....
  180. Need Help with Low Light Pics
  181. will my lens interchange
  182. S80 XGA video & GR7/SD900/Panny LX2
  183. S3 power question
  184. SD700 being "clearanced?"
  185. Dramatic PP Work Thread
  186. sd700IS LCD problem
  187. settings for outside picture???
  188. Question about prints...
  189. JTL Bash Thread
  190. Is the A710 Easy to use?
  191. S3 - Dynamic Range and Exposure Problem
  192. 700/800 IS in low light
  193. Canon service
  194. Filter question
  195. filters for s2
  196. Need help: Red dot on the black screen photo by S3
  197. A620 photos w/ wide angle accessory lens
  198. winter shots with S3
  199. Canon A610 backlight setting?
  200. Shutter lag?
  201. accessories for S3 need help deciding.
  202. Canon SD800IS - a couple of ?s
  203. Linear and circular polarized lenses
  204. ? about EF lenses.
  205. A610 better than A620?
  206. new photos with my canon eos
  207. OK... so I got a Canon S3IS...
  208. Canon S3: Help! Camera or card problem??
  209. a630 vs sd630
  210. Tripod Recommendations For S3is
  211. S3 lenses need help on what are good!
  212. Couple of Q's.
  213. Canon S3 Advice
  214. New S3 owner
  215. Why dont they put a rotating flash head on these cameras?
  216. Canon Lens Cleaning
  217. Canon SD700IS long shutter issue...
  218. best shots for night with S3(also quick tripod ?)
  219. found the first Pics shoot with the G7
  220. S3IS focusing problems
  221. Do you ever shoot like this with your S3?
  222. lens question and deals on ebay-need help if good lenses or no
  223. Identical pictures in different reviews?
  224. I recorded the photography show on tv, anyone interested?
  225. S2 IS sky picture problem...Noise
  226. slave flash for s3
  227. Oh boy, now I've really done it...
  228. Cracked LCD screen for sd700i
  229. lensmate 52 mm vs 58 mm
  230. need help deciding on 2 cameras
  231. A concern regarding Canon A620
  232. Best case for S3 IS
  233. S3 IS for action shots how does it fare?
  234. S2 - prob. uploading images to camera
  235. hockey game pics
  236. Exposure times
  237. PCT Challenge "Water" week ending 10-14-06
  238. Canon A95 and Flash Control
  239. Canon S3 IS Photo Print Size???
  240. Canon Powershot 600 Lense Issues
  241. A-Series (specifically A710IS) questions
  242. SD630 battery issue
  243. Just picked up the SD 800 IS this weekend.
  244. Better 52mm 1/2 ND filter?
  245. How to freeze action in low light with S3????
  246. Help!!!! (please) I'm confused...
  247. Choosing a printer for 5x7 prints.
  248. S3 Telephoto lenses
  249. s3 lenses
  250. S3 - Occasional "recoiling" sensation when taking photos