One last shot for the day... This is another shot I took while in San Diego.. at the San Diego Zoo. I know it isn't quite the same as getting a good bird in the wild, but how many times do you see an Andean Condor anyway. I've always been fascinated by Condors. I saw a California Condor once in the wild not far from my school in San Luis Obispo. Unfortunately, it wasn't supposed to be where it was (interacting with people) and it had to be brought back into captivity.

California Condors are highly endagered. I remember that at one point there weren't any in the wild. They were down to about 60 if I remember right, and they were all brought into captivity to try and save the species. I think they are now over 200, although I'm not sure if that is total, in the wild, etc... They look similar to the Andean Condor below only they have no white coloring.

I think the Andean Condor is slightly bigger with a wingspan that can exceed 10 ft. The California Condor is always less than 10 ft in wing span.