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    Thumbs down SONY's "Intro Model of the Month" Club

    Well, maybe not that often, but this continual barrage of low end (Intro) DSLRs is getting quite tiresome.

    A tweak here and a tweak there, the DSLR becomes what the nonsensical point & shoots have been. I mean let's do a "snapshot" of what's out there.


    α200 (Jan '08)
    α230 (Apr '09)
    α290 (Jun '10)
    α300 (Apr '08)
    α330 (Apr '09)
    α350 (Apr '08)
    α380 (Apr '09)
    α390 (Jun '10)

    There was only one α700 (Sept 07)and it was the "bell-ringing addition to the whole line-up! <- and they discontinued it (Jan '10) with no suitable replacement. (slapping head - DOH! )

    Let's face it, if you cannot cut your teeth on the α550 ... you probably should not be shooting through a DSLR, anway!

    There, I said it ... BUY ONE and quit worry about a couple hundred dollars that you are probably wasting in texting all your buddies about all the "imposed" limitations of your new INTRO camera. Quit ALL the texting and pay attention to your driving, will ya? Just wait til you get home and send them a picture!

    One thing they do have is the fact that most of the "center mass" of these INTRO cameras remains the same. You can use the same lens and most of the same accessories with these cameras ---

    I mean, you have the silly NEX ... and now two more silly intros? -LOL-not! Who's using this repeating, low-level stuff?

    Is anyone really working in the upper offices of the SONY building?

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    or is all we can expect is an endless parade of tweaks to the toys? I thank God they are running out of numbers. At least this is a "finite" issue.
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