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    Nov 2008
    Newcastle upon Tyne, England

    Prague - Czech Republic

    Pics from my recent trip to the lovely Czech Repbulic. The beer has to be tasted to be believed!! As I mentioned earlier I'm a complete beginner therefore I'm entirely open to constructive criticism. Please have a look and offer and advice you may have. There are more on photobucket; hopefully you can see them there. I'm also new to that site therefore I'm not sure if privacy settings etc need to be adjusted for public viewing.


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    Those birds are going to eat you! lol


    I can see all 40. Looks like you had a great trip. One day, I'd love to travel to Europe and see many of the countries!

    Thanks for sharing.

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    Nice series of images. I think a little PS will do wonders. But not by me. LOL I am having a hard time getting my images right.

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    Beginner? Get outta here. These shots are 100x better than what I took when I got my first dSLR. Heck, they're better than what I take now

    The first one is a classic "landmark reflected in the water shot". Good use of compositional elements and techniques in most of your shots here -- certainly not the work of your typical complete beginner... do you have any experience with drawing, painting, or enjoy artwork? You must have been into photography somewhat in a former life, or at least worked on your technique somewhat with a P&S.
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    Thumbs up Good shoot, Bob ...

    Bob, I took the liberty of adjusting the last image. I found the parallax-look rather distracting (kind of appears like everything is falling over) and I also got rid of the "zip-line!" I tried to restore some of the blown out sky ... it's a little tougher with those crosses up there ... because an all-white sky does nothing for the shot.

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    It all is an exercize in terror, right?
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    Newcastle upon Tyne, England
    it really was a great trip. There were lots of Americans there too, although most of them seemed to be having a hard time getting used to the sometimes 'abrupt' Czech hospitality! Former communist Eastern Europe certainly isn't Disney land I told them! I draw a mean stick man but other than that I'm artistically useless. Which is something that bugs me greatly as I always envy those who can put ideas within their heads onto the huge array of media we see today. I've literally picked up an A200 about a month ago, read a boatload of journals & forums and looked at thousands of images with my jaw on the floor. Thanks for the feedback and touching up! Looks like PS is something I'm going to have to pick up too! I'm highly computer literate; are there any recommended 'training' resources anyone knows of?

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    Don't know of any one good place. I know there are a lot of tutorials on photoshop to do just about anything (give it a search for like photoshopping or cloning out something, for what don did with that wire).

    You've certainly come a long way in a month's time. Great job!

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