Didn't see a good spot for these. I know there are more interesting/funny/informative/odd signs out there. Post 'em if ya got 'em.

Street sign clutter is good.
Name:  080826-0398SanAndreasSign.jpg
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This highway is only a mile or two long, in the John Marshall Gold-Discovery State Park.
Name:  080826-0487Hwy153Sign.jpg
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Different kinds of signs.
Name:  080826-0646DowntownSign.jpg
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Name:  080826-0653HappyHour.jpg
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The rules sign at this maximum-security prison continued below the back of the bench.
Name:  080827-0677PrisonRules.jpg
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Historic plaques and markers...
Name:  080827-0692CityMuseumPlaque.jpg
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Building signs.
Name:  080827-0745Depot.jpg
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Name:  080829-1043MontaraLHSign.jpg
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Place signs.
Name:  080829-1057PigeonPtLHSign.jpg
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Odd ball signs.
Name:  080830-1222JamesDeanIntersection.jpg
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