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    DPR, that's the lens Rooz is talking about using with extension tubes. If you're interested in dedicated telephoto macro lenses Nikon have the 200mm f4, and the 70-180mm. The 70-180 is the only zoom macro lens on the market.
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    yepp, as andrew said, thats the lens i just bought second hand. you dont even need extension tubes alot of the time for bugs with that lens actually. it has a really good MFD.

    i rememeber i looked up that lens a long time ago and photozone had it down as only an above average performer in sharpness. after having used one though, i can tell you that its tack sharp and is a joy to use. i'll do a full review of it once i get a chance to really put it thru its paces. here is something to whet your appetitie though. this shot is 300mm+1.7tc, (510mm), with no tubes, just at MFD. see what i mean about "pseudo macro".

    (yes i know its the same spider, same shot, this is to give you an idea of how it compares to the 105 and sigma 150mm.).
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    get out of your backyard & take some scenics.

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    i reckon you should trade that d300 in for a d80... those lenses seem wasted on that body :P
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    I see what you mean by the green cast previously. I really liked that and thought it was natural!

    Thanks for the clarification on the lens.
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