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    Angry Sony W1 Wide Angle Lens Shadow Problem

    I just purchased the Sony Wide Angle Lens (VCL-DH0730) for my W1. Every picture i take "With Flash" gives me a big dark shadow in the bottom center of the picture. Zooming in helps a little but the shadow is still there. It works fine "With NO Falsh" but the pictures are darker.

    I think the Lens is too large for the W1, the flash boucnes of the top lip of the lens and causes the shadow. But why dose Sony sell it as a W1 Accessory? Did sony never test it?

    I have attached 2 pictures:
    >One with the shadow caused by the wide angle lens.
    >Another with the shadow caused by the wide angle lens and a coin sitting on the lens (proving the lens causes the shadow)...

    Has anyone else had this Problem? I dont know what else to do. I Even used the red-eye feature... Still get The DARK SHADOW....

    You can E-Mail me at: ruckuss99@aol.com

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    You're not supposed to use the built-in flash with conversion lenses on the W1. Same goes for just about all fixed-lens cameras.
    Jeff Keller
    Founder/Editor, Digital Camera Resource Page

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    Built In flash... What if you need falsh

    Will that external flash (add on) that sony sells for $99 work. if i dont use the built in flash?


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    Quote Originally Posted by ruckuss99
    Will that external flash (add on) that sony sells for $99 work. if i dont use the built in flash?

    A slave flash is triggered by the built in flash so it follows that you must use the built in flash for the slave to work.

    Look at this thread for a discussion of using slave flashes with the W-1


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    no, sony didn't mess up. It's a problem with pretty much all add on adapters and lenses. Redeye reduc. is just using the same flash in a slightly different way. if you are in no kind of hurry and are only taking interior shot with no moving objects then you can use a tripod, turn off the flash, and set for a long exposure in the .5 sec to 1 sec range. remember to set the self timer for 2 secs to reduce the shaking caused by your hand depressing the shutter button.
    A decent tripod for a small cam like yours can be found for around $20-$25 online if you don't wanna spend $100 for a flash.

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