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    Oct 2004

    where did you buy your Panasonic FZ3?

    Any suggestions where to buy would be appreciated. What did you pay, and were you satisfied with the experience?

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    I got mine at Circuit City, which, at the time, was the only place in the US where I could find one. The experience was fine. As a matter of fact, at the time I bought mine, they were giving a $50 gift card if you bought it on line from circuitcity.com. I went to my local store and asked if they would match the on-line offer, and they did. So, I basically got it for $50 off their asking price. There is also a rebate that expires today (Oct 31) where you mail in proof of purchase and they will send you a case and an extra battery. I don't know if that offer will be extended into November or not.

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