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    When Hobbies meet

    Now I don't expect this to be one of those long lasting threads at all - but may just scatter a little interest (or not).
    So there I was - I'd just taken a picture of our vine when I decided I'd get back to another Hobby - basicall anything to do with music ~ That's playing musical instrments (by ear), mixing sound, recording live, playing music on the Stereo, and it used to be compiling tapes - nowadays compiling CD's. Though my record player is great I like to sometimes transfer bit's of my vinyl onto CD for convenience.
    Here's where the Hobbies meet - I had just started recording from Record to CD and the Camera was siting here all rejected - so I took a couple of shots... (This deck is very hard to get a good shot of - other than set up in a studio).
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    Geoff Chandler. UK/England/Surrey
    NIKON D90 / D80. Nikon 16 - 85 VR, Tamron 28-200,
    Sigma 70-300APO, Tokina 100 AT-X Pro D.
    SB600 flash. Panasonic DMC-TZ25


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