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  1. Possible stupid question - A510 battery indicator

    Is there some way to check the battery status on the A510? I realize that the camera will tell you if you have a low battery, but is there a way to just check on the status at any time? I've looked...
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    Carrying case/bag for Canon A510?

    Can anyone suggest a good carrying case or bag for the Powershot A510 I'm about to buy? Ideally, I'd like something small enough to carry around with me on a trip that could hold the camera, a...
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    Looks good to me. I'm probably going to order an...

    Looks good to me. I'm probably going to order an A510 soon myself. Were all of these taken on auto settings?
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    Help with 1st digital camera, $150-$250

    This will be my first digital camera. I'm looking for something fairly easy to use, but that has enough manual controls for me to grow into. In my lurking around on various websites, I've learned...
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