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  1. So I think I'll settle for the Sony 55-200mm lens...

    So I think I'll settle for the Sony 55-200mm lens for now since I read better reviews on this kit lens then the Sony 75-300mm one and also macro at this time of season (flowers blooming) is very...
  2. First DSLR and dont know which lens to get, help please

    So I'm finally going to hopefully (since it's not bought yet) get my first DSLR and I decided on the Sony a500 after reading many reviews and articles on it. I'm getting it in a bundle with the...
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    Sticky: More flower/cactus pics

    Some more taken at the Botanical Garden of Vienna University :) Btw I think cactus can be counted as a flower right? All pics taken with my
    Casio EX S600
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    Sticky: Thank you all for your comments and Prospero...

    Thank you all for your comments and Prospero thats interesting that you say that they shouldn't be centered , cause I always thought that for flowers especially it should be in the center , but hey...
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    Sticky: My flower contribution

    I took these 4 flower shots while visiting the Botanical Garden of the University of Vienna. They were taken with a Casio Exilim EX-S600 which also goes to show that even a higher end (considering...
  6. Is the Sony Cybershot W150 a good digital camera?

    I just recently bought a Sony Cybershot W150 and so far love it. But I was just wondering what are people's opinion about this camera , like do you yourself consider it I good camera etc...
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    Kodak EasyShare C913

    I'm considering getting my 9 1/2 yr old brother this camera as an entry level beginning first camera. So can anyone tell me a liitle more about what they think of this camera?
  8. Which camera should I choose (Have 2 in mind)

    Since my Casio Exilim S600 recently broke :( (loved the nature pics it would take or just in general very good quality pics or so I think , but then I'm just a novice lol ) I started looking for...
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