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    I am sorry to see you close, but I certainly...

    I am sorry to see you close, but I certainly understand the decision 100%.

    I am glad you have found a new home. I love your reviews, they provide so much useful information. One of the biggest...
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    Are faster SD cards worth it?

    My brother is buying a new camera, a Z1015 IS.

    And while I have generally bought faster memory cards, just because they are what I find deals on, we wondered if they really do any good.

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    Here are a couple taken with my Z740. I have...

    Here are a couple taken with my Z740. I have since upgraded to a Z712 IS.

  4. Any idea on the image storage capacity of a Z712?

    On my last vacation, I took about 480 photos with my camera.

    I am now upgrading to a Z712. Would a 2GB handle that or do I need a 4 GB?

    Thanks in advance.

  5. Jeff, thanks for a helpful review of the Z740

    I was looking for a new camera to replace my so-so 3 megapixel Kodak for my belated honeymoon cruise. I had to buy a Kodak since my brother works for them.

    I wanted something with good red-eye...
  6. Suggestions on studio lighting equipment, please?

    I really like the lighting Jeff uses.

    Does anybody know what he uses or has a recommendation?

    Where I work we are buying some lighting gear and other equipment to do product photography and...
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