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    I had the FZ28 and liked it. I have read and...

    I had the FZ28 and liked it. I have read and heard from people that the output of the FZ40 and F35 is similar, but:
    1. The FZ35 is slightly better in low light.
    2. The FZ40 has more zoom range...
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    I would go for the K20D

    I would pick the Pentax because of the added resolution, many additional features, durability, and slightly better image quality at high ISO settings.
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    You can get a cheap ok used camera cheaply but ...

    Dell is selling the very capable Canon A590 for $139 today.

    Some people take great pride it getting a used ok camera for bargain basement prices. However, if image quality and fun in picture...
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    100 bucks and above, ok, but below 50, not much

    There are sometimes special deals on cameras for about $100. I recommend looking at the Canon A580. You can get it for less than $150 and it has lots of features and settings that would prepare you...
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    Try this if the warranty is up.

    I got this from stevesdigicams:
    "Zoom error is easily fixed. Gently pull lens barrel out to full extension. You will hear a click. Then turn camera off and on again. Done.

    In my case problem was...
  6. They're probably both good cameras, but ..

    The F20 is the little brother of the F30 and F31d, which excel at low light pictures.

    The A820 is the newest in the line of Fuji's budget cameras. It does indeed use AA's, which can be found...
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    Where are you buying these cameras?

    I would pick the Pentax K100d. I had the *ist DS and liked it. I like the ability to take pictures in really low light and the K100d seems to be a little better than the Sony at that. Of course, it...
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    Poll: I like one pagers

    Hi, Jeff,

    I very much like your present format. After having read several of your reviews (4 years ago), I knew where to scroll to get the information that I wanted. If you wanted to change/add...
  9. S5200 better than other cameras in low light

    I think the Fuji S5200 is better at ISO 800 and 1600 than the other superzooms that you have mentioned. Its ISO 800 pictures are decent though not as good as those of a DSLR and a bright lens. The...
  10. Check out the reviews

    Try here for a review of the camera from some different sites:

  11. Fuji S5200 better in low light

    I have had the S5200 for about 16 months. I think you will find it better in low light than the SP-510. Check out the reviews to confirm this.
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    I have bought a couple of lenses from Cameta. I...

    I have bought a couple of lenses from Cameta. I knew they were not the best, but they weren't bad and the prices were very good. I don't think the shipping was slow. I live on the West Coast of the...
  13. I have the S9100. It's a good camera with all the...

    I have the S9100. It's a good camera with all the features you mentioned. However, I don't think it's a great camera for indoor soccer unless you are close to the action. The reason is that its...
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    The Canon XT was ranked by some as the top entry...

    The Canon XT was ranked by some as the top entry level DSLR about a year ago. Its picture quality is good. The kit lens that comes with it was not so highly praised. Its maximum aperture range goes...
  15. It depends on the setting and what you are taking...

    It depends on the setting and what you are taking pictures of. If it's mainly a daytime camera and you need that extra zoom (420mm vs. the S6500's 300mm), I would recommend the S3. If it's for more...
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    Better a Canon A530

    I would rather go for a Canon A530 (now available for under $130 online) to the Samsung. Samsung makes a pretty good DSLR (well, they make it with Pentax), but their point and shoot cameras don't...
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    Look before you leap

    From what I have read from Steve's Digicam and http://www.resellerratings.com/seller13935.html
    I would think twice (or twenty times) before I bought something from

    If the price...
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    Lots of options

    I had the C-2100 for several years. It was a great camera. However, I think there are better ones available now for less than 1/2 the price I paid back for the UZI back in 2001.

    I now own a Fuji...
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    I think there's a bigger difference.

    Even the top prosumer digicams (with the exception of the latest Sony 10 megapixel monster) have sensors much smaller than those of the entry level DSLR's. I was very surprised to see the...
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    I usually use the image resizer program...

    I usually use the image resizer program downloadable from www.microsoft.com
    Look for Power Toys for Windows XP. It's on the right side of the screen about 2/3 of the way down.

    You can resize by...
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    No Pentax DSLR reviews upcoming

    I am assuming that Pentax never sent Jeff an *ist DS to review. Is it likely that the same thing will happen with the DL?

    I don't understand it. Steves-digicams gets Pentax cameras to review....
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