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  1. Pentax optio SV 5 x optical zoom


    I have been agonising over similar thing, and smallest I could find was the Pentax optio SV, very tiny with 5 x zoom. Although is 5 mp and new, so expensive. Looks great but no reviews out yet...
  2. Pls help Pentax Optio SV or Canon SD300(Ixus 40)?

    :confused: I am really stuck trying to decide between the canon 4mp 3x zoom, or the new Pentax 5mp, 5xzoom. I am very tempted by the Pentax as it also has some manual control, and am worried about...
  3. Replies

    I am new to this forum, have been scouting for...

    I am new to this forum, have been scouting for info to help me decide between Canon SD300, Lumix FX7 and Pentax optio SV.

    All these comments are very helpful, thanks!
    I think I have ruled out...
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