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  1. disposable?

    I need to put photos with report. reports with deadlines normaly with only a day or two's notice.

    the closest place to get a dosposable downloaded is about 20 miles away.

    Thanks for the idea, I...
  2. Lenses

    the reason I don't want to zoom is do to the coutless times I have stripped the gears that operate the zoom. I am not easy one cameras. I have broken the internal gears on 3 olympous cameras. it was...
  3. I Need A Simple Fast Camera No Zoom Cuz I Crop

    :) I am looking for a digital camera
    I do not want a moving lense
    I do not want settings I can not turn off
    I want a standard lense that is permenantly set to what was considered a 70mm lense
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