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    Yes Mr. Don ..... It surely will and I will be...

    Yes Mr. Don .....

    It surely will and I will be willing to drag it around and your new ...

    SONY AF 70-400mm f/4-5.6 G SSM if you ever decide to get it ....any day of the week ! :D
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    yes it is quite the beast if I do say so...

    yes it is quite the beast if I do say so myself.....lol
    I should not be carrying it too far , I will be using this one for my studio and maybe school gyms for sports pictures and such, I believe it...
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    over kill or not.....it was a nice find by my...

    over kill or not.....it was a nice find by my husband...and I thank him that he was thinking of me ....
    camera tripod...video tripod... does it really matter what it is or isnt....
    which with this...
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    OK enough is enough.............. SONYNUT..... if you have nothing better to do then wait for me to post and then have some snide snip remark to make to everything I do or every comment I make, then...
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    I must brag.....

    Well after a hard days work behind the computer trying to make my logo....uggghg a whole nother story.....
    In threw the door walks my wonderful husband with a present for me ! :D

    this is what he...
  6. confused

    why dont I ?:confused:
  7. warm and fuzzy inside

    I get all warm and fuzzy inside with the thoughts of winning the lens and only paying the cost of shipping with only having to do a little reseach...now that my shipping fees are researched as well I...
  8. Hummmm....


    5 whole days left , I dont think I can stand the wait, I check the post on a couple of times a day average to see who has replied, I am sure who ever gets the prize with be greatful,...
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    well..truth be told I am unsure, I know it is...

    well..truth be told I am unsure, I know it is probally not best to do it this way but for now being money wise it is an alomost one shot deal...Id like to be able to be portable enough to drag it to...
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    Im needing technical help..

    ok I have started this post as directed by another so not to take over someone elses post....so here it goes

    I have been reading thoughout the forum today and have come acrossed a post ..which is...
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    Sticky: Meet Dusty..

    This is my 2 year old weimaraner...we have had him just over a year now...hard to believe someone just dumpped him at the aspca...their loss our love !
  12. Yes sir Mr Don , I have just officially read the...

    Yes sir Mr Don , I have just officially read the post picture sticky :) and im working on the others today inbetween editing photos from my senior shot last weekend...I promised to have the ready for...
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    Sticky: High School Senior shot..

    Hello all , I have offically ready the sticky post on how to attach photos....:D
    silly me , not relizing each forum could be so different *slaps ones hand*

    Ok I took this photo last weekend, my...
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    Danis Eyes.

    I am atempting to attach thi photo, Hope this works ....let me know your thoughts .:)

  15. ooops

    seems my photos didnt post as wanted I loaded them to flker ...hummmm
  16. my gear

    To All,
    thanks for the confidence with my posting, I sometimes fear posting as I realize there are many camera enthusist out there from all over with great shots and maybe some not so great shots...
  17. response

    Yes, Sir..
    I did quote other sites....isnt that what we were asked to do, we were asked to give our own reason why we thought Mr Don should replace his lens which at th bottom of my information I...
  18. Don should purchase the SONY

    "I believe Don should purchase the SONY AF 70-400mm f/4-5.6 G SSM lens to replace his Tokina AT-X 840 80-400mm f/4.5-5.6 and TAMRON SP AF 200-500mm f/5-6.3 Di LD lens for the follow reason:

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