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  1. Maha vs. Canon CBK4-200 Battery Charger Kit

    Dear All

    I own a Canon Powershot A80. Now I need to buy rechargeable batteries and a charger. I was hoping for a Maha one as I remember seeing a link to a test result sheet listing that charger...
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    Thanks for the reply, Ray. The dealer is someone...

    Thanks for the reply, Ray. The dealer is someone from whom my brother's friend has bought some stuff. They also provide canon stuff for the hospital where they work. So, if I find any defect later...
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    china v/s japan

    So glad to see this post! My brother bought an A80 for me through a local dealer in Pakistan. He's charging us around US$316. I know I can get it much cheaper at Amazon but with no guarantee. The...
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    Do faster chargers affect battery life?

    I have heard that faster chargers decrease the battery life. Is that true? I am thinking about buying a Canon PowerShot A80. Which batteries and charger would you recommend and why? Thanks!
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