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  1. In love with Canon PowerShot SD200

    This camera has the features as well as the looks. It's so compact that it's actually smaller than my Blackberry. Great job, Canon!
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    Thumbs up for Canon PowerShot SD200!!

    I just got my SD200 today - LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! The LCD is big and sharp, the movie clips a definite upgrade from one of the earliest PowerShots, S30. Tiny camera PACKED with features. A great buy!
  3. What's the best Canon camera out there under $500?

    Hi Forum,

    My Canon PowerShot S30 was stolen at a flea market in Paris last week. :mad:

    I LOVED the S30. Depite being a Gadget Queen that I am, I'd had it for over two years, yet never saw...
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