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    Hi, Just returned from India on a Tiger...


    Just returned from India on a Tiger photographic trip and run some 2000 pictures through my Panasonic Z30.
    I took some high speed SD cards which I purchased from Digiprint before leaving....
  2. Camera choice?

    You see what you've started Mark77?
    I should think the FZ30 is now undergoing the best work out of any camera out there today.:rolleyes:

    One thing that does show up pretty clearly is that those...
  3. Camera choice etc.

    Sorry forgot to say ref the last post - the picture is of an oil painting on heavyweight smooth watercolour paper.

    bosewell :o
  4. Hello, Reading these posts with interest, I can...

    Reading these posts with interest, I can only comment about my own experience with the Panasonic FZ30EB, which I am using over a trial period.
    My usual camera is the Canon 20D.

    I use...
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    Sticky: Digital camera pics/flowers

    This is a picture taken last September in China of a Chinese Lily?, which was in a garden I was visiting, outside Beijing.

    I took this with a Canon D30 3.2Mp Digital EOS SLR, with a 70-300mm IS...
  6. Slow speed/zoom etc

    Very interesting table you've posted.
    It actually replicates some pencil notes scribbled into my jotter, but rather hastily underlined here and there - your table is much better and I certainly...
  7. http://i11.photobucket.com/albums/a164/johnart/CJa...


    I took this shot earlier this year using my old (now sold) D30 Canon which is a relatively low 3.2Mp, with a zoom of 460mm hand...
  8. 20d v FZ30

    I'm sorry if I misled you regarding the IS, what I mean is that on the higher telephoto settings (above 3X and dependent on the available light) the IS is effectively negated by the "jitter" alert...
  9. 20D v FZ30

    Well, I own and operate both these cameras.
    Used the 20D since it came out, replacing a D30 and it is a very good camera, used mainly for high quality wildlife photography. I replaced the old D30...
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    I tried for 2 minutes using the Panasonic software and uninstalled it.
    I have never actually used this method, and I usually discard into some forgotten drawer any cables and CD's that come with...
  11. Thread: FZ30 defect?

    by boswell

    Camera noise

    I have been using the FZ30 for some time and yes the camera does make noises and also does flicker.
    None of these affect the operation and pictures have always been great.
    Sometimes part of...
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    FZ30 compatible batteries

    Reference last post.
    I have purchased 2 x compatible batteries from Battery Barn - these are ACD-25 replacement for Panasonic CGA-S006.(made by VidPro) and they also have a 2 year warranty.
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