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  1. sony t100 - dirt/dust behind viewing screen - HELP!

    i look after my stuff, and keep the camera in a case, but there is quite a lot of dust/dirt that has got in behind the 3inch screen, which makes it sh*tty to view darker photos etc.

    the fact that...
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    help - memory stick problem - maybe...?


    have a new Sony T100 and a few of my photos, maybe 1 in 10 of my first 30 photos, have had a split in them...let me explain briefly:

    5/6 of the photo is perfect but the other 1/6...
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    Sony T100 - split images - help...? (1st post)

    Hi guys, first post here, and a complete beginner so go easy on me...

    Recently purchased the T100 - excellent design and seems to be a wide range of functions - enough for me anyway. Nice big...
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