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  1. Very true, although that usually only occurs on...

    Very true, although that usually only occurs on those online grey-market digital camera stores or other shadey-looking/feeling websites. I'm 100% certain that Newegg is trustworthy enough to buy...
  2. Awesome, that's exactly what I needed to know!...

    Awesome, that's exactly what I needed to know! Thanks for the quick replies. I ended up getting a 2GB SD 50x for $41.99 with no tax (except in CA) and UPS 3-day shipping is $4.81. I'd say this is one...
  3. Does SD card speed affect camera speed? (50x vs 133x)

    I'm about to purchase a 2GB SD card for my new Canon SD630, but I'm having trouble deciding which one I want to buy. I can get a 50x card for about twenty bucks less than a 133x card, and I'm just...
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    SD630 Release Date?

    If I remember right, Canon stated that the SD630 would be available in April. Well, aside from a few EBay listings, it doensn't really look like it has officially hit the market yet. I noticed that...
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    Sony Cybershot T7 vs. Canon SD450

    I know the T7 is thin as all heck, but it's been annoying me lately. Indoor shots are TERRIBLE.. The flash is tiny so the room barely lights up. I finally had it when I was trying to take pictures of...
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    PowerShot S80 compared to SD550?

    I'm interested in two of Canon's upcoming cameras, and they are the SD550 and the S80. I'm a huge fan of the SD lineup.. I used to have an SD300 and loved it, and my friend has the SD500 and it takes...
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    Sony DSC-T7 / Canon SD500 / Kodak v550

    I can't decide between these three cameras. I heard the T7 has bad image quality, I can't find ANYTHING reputable about the v550 (but the price just drags me in), and I know the SD500 is a great...
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