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    pixelation cont

    I updated the firmware to 1.02.

    I still have the pixelation. An image of a dog shaking off water has many square looking droplets at 100% zoom.
    The images were taken in raw mode. So it isn't a...
  2. Ok, so I updated the firmware and the software....

    Ok, so I updated the firmware and the software.
    I still get an error when I try to open a 16 bit tiff (saved using the sony image converter program) using a 16 bit photo editing program called...
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    RE: A100 problem Displays...

    I have no trouble with my A100 in viewing stored images.
    Apart from the obvious question... You do know how to view stored images, yes?

    I am taking a guess here...

    Is the settings for the...
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    Firmware update/software update

    Well, I expected a bit more feedback on my last 2 messages.

    In any case,

    Sony has released a software and firmware update.
    Perhaps this will adress the issues I raised.

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    Pixelation of lights

    Hi group.
    I would like some feedback on an effect that I have noticed on some occasions when looking at images taken with my Alpha 100.

    The effect was first noticed when looking at some bright...
  6. Error reading TIFF files/Image data converter SR

    Hello group.

    I have an alpha 100. I like the camera.

    There are some issues I have to look into. One of them is a small problem but it should not exist.
    I converted a folder of images using...
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