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  1. OK after sitting last night again on cameras I'm...

    OK after sitting last night again on cameras
    I'm looking at a few options

    Panasonic FZ20 - how is the build on this one?
    Fuji S5200 - doe not have manual focus but has an amazing macro

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    Sticky: Here are a few of my family members

    Well lets start with a few, I will not give you them all right now :)
    All photos are with my old Fuji 410i all auto

    This is Max & friend (they both went a way a few months ago)
    Max was 16 and he...
  3. Need some help with a new camera - I am frustrated :)

    Hello and thank you for looking

    I have owned a Fuji 410i for about 3 years and at the same time a Fuji S5000 (that I departed with about 6 months ago)

    Well I have tried a few cameras in the...
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