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  1. what about the tz5?

    some ppl suggested me going a lil about 200 and get the tz5-how is it compare to the tz4?
    and how does both tz4 and tz5 work on the darker condition? because i understood thatb the tz5 doesnt work...
  2. thnx for the help!!! 2 more question- kelly,...

    thnx for the help!!!
    2 more question-
    kelly, do u think that the tz-400 worth the money?whats it main shortcomings?
    and- as i said b4, i can compromise with the optical zoom and i can manage with...
  3. lets say i go for less than x6 zoom-any other suggestion?

    i mean most of my pictures i guess will be during the day..
    so what is like the best i can get in the 150-200 camera? it doesnt have to be 10 mega pixal..
    i would like to have several suggestion...
  4. need a suggestion for point and shoot 150-200dollar

    hey... i need a suggestion for a digital camera
    my budget is 150-200 dollar
    most of my pictures will probably be in daylight(but i want it to be able to shoot in night condition like-manhattan...
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