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  1. I think I am going to go and play with the...

    I think I am going to go and play with the Panasonic and if I like it buy it.

    Main reason being that the type of skiing I do is freestyle and big air so when you're "flying" for 2 seconds odd so...
  2. Point and shoot pocket cam suitable for sports...


    I've used as my pocket camera a Sony T30 for just off 2 years now and it's starting to bug me for a few reasons, but let me just say what I want from a new camera and then see what people can...
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    T3 as a replacement to a T1?

    I have a T1, that I have loved for the last 9 months, since it was brand new out, but now the T3 is available. Has anybody owned both to tell me whether it is worth upgrading. I am the kind of person...
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