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    Flash or Exposure compensation? What's best?

    When using my Pentax DS2 and a diffuser, the image is often a little dark when the subject and/or background is a light colour. Obviously the camera is trying to make it a mid-tone.

    What is the...
  2. Why did you buy a Sigma EF-500 DG Super Flash for your Pentax?

    D'you like your Sigma? D'you think it was a better choice than the Pentax flashes?

    I'm debating whether to get the Sigma as against the 360 flash - don't really want to pay big bucks for the 540...
  3. Have you got a Samsung GX-1S AND a Samsung SEF-36PZF flash?

    If you have, I'd love to hear what you've been able to do with this combination - principally, the pop-up flash and and the 36 flash as a remote flash.

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    Best flash unit for *ist DS2

    Any thoughts on the best flash unit to get for my recently purchased Pentax *ist DS2/Samsung GX-1S?

    I've asked a recent question on flash set-up for family portraits but unfortunately had no...
  5. Best flash set-up to use for family portraits

    I'm interested in wireless flash for family portraits - after seeing a Nikon video on small flash photograpy - and would appreciate others users recommendations on the type/make of flash, the number...
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